Monday, 8 July 2013

Stolen ideas

So, I have had an idea knocking round my head for years. Imagine a city as a train, thundering round the world. Then imagine how the class system would develop.

Several years back I wrote a short story set on that train. It was suggested I might want to lengthen the story. So I turned it into a novel.

The first one I had ever tried.

I ummed and awed at it for ages, finally submitting it to GSFWC for critiquing in two weeks time. Then someone spots this trailer.

I must learn to write quicker.


  1. The problem with good ideas is multiple people are bound to have them, It happens to us all, myself included. Shanghai Noon? I was there first. One of the writers on Fringe was actively stealing specific ideas from my head.

  2. I once heard it described as we are all fishing from the same river, just some are higher up that river.