Thursday, 17 December 2015

2015, the Year of the Long Wait

Merry seasonal whatnots.

It's been a quieter year in the writing way. One story on god management published back in May and a lot of writing.
One of the points of note this year has been the nearlies. I always like to assume that if a story is considered for a long time before it gets rejected, then it can't have been all bad. This year I've had a number that have spent months under consideration, one, in fact, has been with a market for seven months. I queried them and was told they were interested but still to choose. So good, but don't ever expect writing to be a quick route to happiness.

A large part of this year has gone on my novel. This is the first one I have taken beyond a first draft and I've been at it, on and off, for four years. I've now reached the point where I don't think I can do anymore for it (it can be better, but I don't think I'm helping) so I'm going to explore the world of novel rejection next year with it. That should be exciting.

Other things I have planned for next year include trying to get into the Glasgow Science Fiction Writers Circle 30th anniversary anthology, starting on a new novel (I'm thinking spaceships and binmen), and hopefully two publications. I have allegedly been accepted for appearances in the Speculative Bookshop anthology (out in January) and Kzine (somewhere around April) if all goes to plan.

I shall annoy you about them at the time, have no fear.

Now, as is becoming a Christmas tradition, I'll link to something I've written. In this case, something that sprang from a lot of cinema serials I used to watch.
The Greatest Rocketman

Monday, 20 April 2015

Agnes, a Fairy

I've just spoted that Hysterical Realms, the latest Alternate Hilarities anthology containing my story, is available for buying on the internets here

If you chipped in to the Kickstarter for this then thank you very much but if not and you fancy giving it a look then it is available in both Kindle and the infinitely more signable Paperback formats.

Suppose I better get my finger out and sell another story now so I can have ths excitement again.

Monday, 16 February 2015

The Modern World of Book Selling

It's been eighteen months but I now get to say I have a new story coming out. Hurrah!
Called "Agnes, A Fairy" it is a story of gods, management and dodgy art. On the Grim Whim scale this is firmly on the Whim end. It sprang from a conversation following a Glasgow Science Fiction Writers Circle meeting and is not the only story to come out of that night. You should check out Cameron Johnston (@CamJohnston) for his interpretation of the same seed.

The new thing for me about this story is that it is part of an anthology available through a Kickstarter campaign. This means that I have no idea how much I might, or might not, get paid for my wee story until the bids are in and will lead to me obsessively  refreshing the campaign page for the next month to see if anything is happening.

The campaign is available here and runs until the 15th of March which, coincidentally, is my birthday. If you want to wish me a happy birthday, why not buy a book.

If you do buy, hope you enjoy it.